The first week fo October will be all about cybersecurity in The Hague. In the international city of peace and justice, everyday we work together to make the world a more secure place. As a global hub for cybersecurity, we acknowledge the threats and opportunities of our digitising world and are committed to keep us safe from cybercriminals. That is why we stimulate sharing knowledge, invest in cyber awareness and why we host many organisations that work on cybersecurity solutions. During the Cybersecurity Week everything comes together. The many events provide opportunities to network, meet key players, discuss the latest developments, share knowledge and create awareness. Let's collaborate and secure the digital future!  

The programme for 2024 is currently under construction. As soon as events are confirmed they will be listed below. As in previous editions, you can expect a variety of events in the field of cybersecurity. 
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93 Cyber Security Week in The Hague is a Wrap cyber-security-week-in-the-hague-is-a-wrap News

Cyber Security Week in The Hague is a wrap! It was a great week packed with many events aiming to share knowledge, discuss cyber security issues, provide access to capital, stimulate collaboration and scout talent. It attracted many visitors to the city, more than 2.000 people attended the ONE Conference alone.


The week was opened by the minister of Justice & Security during the ECSO Cyber Investors Days at the HSD Campus and highlight was the ONE conference in World Forum followed by the International Cyber Security Business Event. Journalist from all over the world joined the week and a special media tour was organised, including a visit to the HSD Campus. 


Watch the recap video, to relive the vibe and we hope to see you next year!


The Cyber Security Week has ended, but we’re up to speed again: visiting the ITSA in Germany with a Dutch cybersecurity delegation on 24 & 25 October and on 24 October the start of Hardwear i.o. Security Trainings & Conference in The Hague: a 5-day event were 'techies' from over the whole world enhance their skills on hardware security.

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94 Cyber Boost Session - SME cyber-boost-session-sme News

Want to make your SME more Cyber resilient? Join the Cyber boost session!


During Hack The Hague on Monday October 2, 2023 from 13:30-17:00, a Cyber boost session event for entrepreneurs will  be organized by the Municipality of The Hague and CCRC (Cyber Chain Resilience Consortium) in collaboration HSD (Security Delta). During this three-hour interactive Cyber boost session in the Boardroom of the town hall of The Hague you will learn, together with experts and other entrepreneurs, how to act when a cyber crisis occurs in a chain, which is important for all entrepreneurs nowadays. The benefits for entrepreneurs to join  this session are: 


  • To experience realistic practice scenarios led by top professionals from the cyber profession;
  • To share experiences during the exercise with the other participants;
  • To get insights and concrete and pragmatic tools  to take back with you to your own organization.


The purpose of the Cyber boost session is to understand what to do when you are confronted with a cyber crisis. The session is intended for entrepreneurs who would like to gain more insights into  their own cyber risks and make themselves more aware of the dangers of working online. 


Program Monday  October 2, 2023 

13.30-14.00 Walk-in with coffee or tea 

14.00-17.00 Start session 

17.00-end         Networking and drinks 


Do you want to join the session? Apply via this link!

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95 Women in Cyber women-in-cyber News

Do you want to connect with other women in cyber? If so, check out our Women in Cyber event in The Hague!


On Thursday the 5th of Ocotber 2023, the municipality of The Hague is organizing an event to network for women in cyber or women who are interested in working in this field.


Research shows more women provide a broader perspective, better business performance and an stronger national economy. That is why we are organising this event.


During the event, it is possible to get in touch with other women in cyber in an informal way. You can share experiences, meet new talent and just enjoy the evening with a drink and a 'bitterbal'.


Unlike many other networking events, 'new talent' in cyber will also be invited! These are young women with a cyber-related study or simply with an interest in cyber. During a group speeddate, you are all given the opportunity to ask each other questions in an informal way and the new talent is able to get a realistic view on women in cyber.


So do you want to:

- Get to know other women in the cyber field in an informal way?

- Share experiences and ideas?

- Make sure other women get enthusiastic about a career in cyber?

- Want to know more about working in cyber (security)?


Then we look forward to seeing you at Cafe van Beek in The Hague!



If you are getting excited to attend the event, you can register via this link:


Location & Time

5 October - 17:00-19:00

Café van Beek - Den Haag



If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact us at


NOTE: This event open to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Link to referenced research

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97 More information coming soon! more-information-coming-soon News

Oops! Sorry we do not have any more information at this moment. Keep an eye on the eventpage, because updates will follow soon!

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98 ECSO’s Cyber Investor Days 2023 ecso-s-cyber-investor-days-2023 News

ECSO’s Cyber Investor Days Returns to The Hague for its Second Consecutive Year, Gathering European Cybersecurity Start-ups and Investors


BRUSSELS & THE HAGUE, 09 August 2023 – The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), in collaboration with the Women4Cyber Foundation, the Municipality of The Hague, InnovationQuarter (IQ), TIIN Capital, Security Delta (HSD) and KPN Ventures, is pleased to announce the return of the ECSO's Cyber Investor Days to the city of The Hague, Netherlands. Following the success of last year's event, the second edition promises to be even more impactful, fostering innovation and growth in the European cybersecurity landscape.


Scheduled for the 5th October, the ECSO's Cyber Investor Days stands as an opportunity for cutting-edge European cybersecurity start-ups to showcase their innovative technologies and meet cybersecurity investors and players. The event serves as an exclusive matchmaking platform, bringing together visionary entrepreneurs and forward-thinking business representatives under one roof.


The Judging Panel, made up of cybersecurity experts and industry leaders, will choose the top two companies. These selected companies will then be nominated for the ECSO STARtup Award final competition, scheduled for early 2024. During this competition, they will compete against other nominees chosen throughout 2023 for the main title and international recognition.


"We are delighted to bring ECSO's Cyber Investor Days back to The Hague for the second consecutive year. ECSO's mission is to support the growth and competitiveness of the European cybersecurity industry while advocating for strong cybersecurity across all sectors. We have created Cyber Investor Days to support our members and partners with a practical tool to enhance their cybersecurity ecosystems and provide an inspiring backdrop for the European start-ups to showcase their breakthrough solutions. With the steadfast commitment of our Dutch partners and the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of The Hague, we are confident that this year's edition will bring a solid contribution to Europe’s cybersecurity posture." – said Joanna Świątkowska, Chief Operating Officer at ECSO


The event is co-organised by ECSO, the Women4Cyber Foundation, the Municipality of The Hague, InnovationQuarter (IQ), TIIN Capital, Security Delta (HSD) and KPN Ventures, each contributing their expertise and network to create an environment for knowledge sharing, networking, and deal-making. The continued collaboration of these esteemed partners underscores their dedication to driving innovation and investment in the European cybersecurity sector.

Start-ups across Europe are invited to seize this opportunity and apply to present their technologies at the ECSO's Cyber Investor Days. The event offers a unique chance to gain visibility, secure funding, and cultivate strategic partnerships that will accelerate their growth journey. Interested start-ups are encouraged to submit their applications before the 11th September EOB, to be considered for participation.


For more information on the ECSO's Cyber Investor Days and details on how to apply, please visit the official event website.

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99 World Class: Information Security world-class-information-security News

World Class: a lecture by Erik de Jong 


The World Class program is a student program which was set up ten years ago by the municipality of The Hague with the aim of strengthening relations between students and the profile of the city as the international city of peace and justice. Meanwhile, the focus of the program is very broad and it introduces students to a wide range of social topics. By doing this, the program provides students access to special lectures and master classes in numerous fields! For example, speakers who have hosted a lecture in the past years are former Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon, King Abdullah II of Jordan, former president of South-Africa Willem de Klerk and former American minister of foreign affairs Madeleine Albright. 


This year the main speaker will be Erik de Jong. Erik has more than 25 years of experience in the field of information security, both in the government and on the commercial side. In this lecture he will elaborate why cyber security is such an important topic for The Hague, which hosts more than 480 international organizations including the OPCW, International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International Court of Justice. 


The students participating in the World Class programma are enrolled in one of the educational institutions in The Hague (Haagse Hogeschool, International Institute of Social studies, Universiteit Leiden, InHolland and TU Delft). This means students have many different fields of studies and interests. 


Location & Time

5 October - 19:00-21:30

HSD Campus - Den Haag



19:00 hrs   Registration  

19:30 hrs   Welcome and introduction 

19:35 hrs   World Class lecture  

20:05 hrs   Q&A with students 

20:30 hrs   Networking reception 

21:30 hrs   End of the event 



If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact us at


NOTE: This is an invite only event for students in the World Class programm


Logo Englogo hsd

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100 ONE International Cyber Business Event one-international-cyber-business-event News


Are you in the field of cyber security and do you want to get in touch with your international colleagues? If the answer is yes, you should definitely keep on reading!


Together with InnovationQuarter, the Municipality of The Hague is organizing the International Cyber Business Event. This event has a specific focus, creating a fun networking event for cyber security professionals to expand their network inside and outside of the Netherelands. During the event, there will be drinks, bites and many ways to connect with each other. There will also be information stands, which will tell you all about the Dutch market, as well as the international market and if you make an effort, there are fun prizes to win!


So are you already hyped up for the event? Make sure you register via the link!


Location & Time

3 October - 18:00-22:00

Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenda



If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact us at


NOTE: This event is full. You can only apply to the waiting list.


banner conference 2023 def v3

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101 Let's start the Cyber Security Week @ The Hague let-s-start-the-cyber-security-week-the-hague News

In the Cyber Security Week a lot of events will take place regarding cyber security. But The Hague would not be the international city it is, if we didn't welcome many international delegations this week.


To kickstart the week full of interesting talks and exciting events, InnovationQuarter, HSD and the Municipality of The Hague are organizing a morning to get everyone ready for the week. Together with the embassies a programm is made at the HSD campus to ensure a good start to your Cyber Security Week in The Hague!


Target audience:

International delegations, entrepreneurs who want to get connected to the international companies, resellers, distributors, MSSP’s, system integrators, business developers etc.



10:00h: Registration & Networking

11:00h: Welcome by Marijn Fraanje (Head of Economic department of the City of The Hague)

11:15h: Doing business in The Netherlands & the Dutch cybersecurity landscape by Martijn van Hoogenhuijze & Philip Meijer (Account Managers Cyber Security InnovationQuarter)

11:40h: Introduction Security Delta (HSD), the Dutch Security Cluster by Joris den Bruinen (HSD)

12:00h: Networking lunch

13:00h: Breakout session 1 (four options, choose one)

13.45h: Breakout session 2 (four options, choose one)

14:30h: End of Programme 

15:00h: Optional Visiting Hack The Hague Event (City Hall of The Hague)


Preliminary Breakout sessions to choose from:

  1. Speed dating – meet potential business partners or other foreign delegation members (Innovation Room)
  2. How to do business with NATO / the Dutch MOD (TBC) (Boardroom)
  3. Taking awareness international (Education room 1a)
  4. State of the OT landscape of the Netherlands and beyond (Education room 2)


If you want to attend this event, please register via this link!


Do you want to know more about this event? Please contact Martijn van Hoogenhuijze via or Philip Meijer via 

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102 Unveiling the ECSO’s STARtup Award 2024 Nominees from Cyber Investor Days in The Hague unveiling-the-ecso-s-startup-award-2024-nominees-from-cyber-investor-days-in-the-hague News

After an exciting showcase of European cybersecurity innovation at its Cyber Investor Days competition in The Hague on 5 October, the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) is delighted to announce the selection of CDeX PSA and INLYSE as the latest nominees for the ECSO STARtup Award 2024. These exceptional nominees have emerged as two of Europe’s most promising cybersecurity start-ups amidst a distinguished group of 10 top-tier European cybersecurity start-ups, meticulously chosen from  numerous applications spanning  from across Europe.


For the second consecutive year, ECSO’s Cyber Investor Days returned to The Hague, attracting cybersecurity start-ups from across Europe. This year’s competition, organised together with the Women4Cyber Foundation, the Municipality of The HagueInnovationQuarter (IQ)TIIN CapitalSecurity Delta (HSD) and KPN Ventures, witnessed 10 promising European cybersecurity start-ups whose aim is to elevate their ventures to the next level. The event grants these start-ups a unique opportunity to pitch their companies directly to potential investors and market players, along with a Judging Panel comprised of experts in investment and entrepreneurship.


Following an intense competition of pitches, marked by European innovation and resilience, the Judging Panel, including investment and entrepreneurship experts Jeroen Schipper (CISO, Gemeente Den Haag), Alex Bos (Portfolio Manager, InnovationQuarter), Emmarique Delahaije (Investment Manager, KPN Ventures), Willy Mannheims (Managing Partner, eCAPITAL & Chair of ECSO Work Stream on Cybersecurity Investments), Régis Cezanave (General Manager Europe, S2 Grupo), and Reinout van der Meulen (Non-Executive Director, Awen Collective & TIIN Capital Representative), faced the challenging task of evaluating each pitch.


After thorough deliberation, two fortunate start-ups have been selected  to proceed as nominees for the highly anticipated ECSO STARtup Award 2024. The grand finale of this European award is scheduled to take place in Germany in early 2024.


ECSO proudly presents the two outstanding nominees: CDeX PSA (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform) and INLYSE.


“It was terrific to be part of this ECSO event hosted by the Municipality of The Hague and their partners. The competition was strong, so we’re extra excited to come out on top and go to the finals in Bochum next year. We are looking forward to it!”

 - Dr. Bartek Ziółkowski, Co-founder & CEO of CDex PSA.


“It is a great honor to be nominated as a finalist for the ECSO STARtup Award next year. I am proud that we could convince the jury about the uniqueness of our solution and that we significantly contribute to the goal of building a sovereign digital Europe by developing and delivering disruptive technologies out of Europe.”

- Walter Schumann, CEO of INLYSE.


ECSO extends its heartfelt congratulations to these remarkable start-ups on their achievements and contributions to the European cybersecurity ecosystem, and eagerly anticipates the impact that their innovative solutions will have on shaping the future of European cybersecurity. In the award finals, CDex PSA and INLYSE will be competing alongside fellow outstanding nominees from previous Cyber Investor Days held throughout 2023: ANOZR WAYBuild38CyCommSecDust MobileModino.ioONEKEYOutKept, and Seculyze. More updates on the ECSO STARtup Award 2024 will follow in the months to come.


Source: ECSO

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103 Looking for talent? looking-for-talent News

During the Hague Cyber Security Week , special attention is also given to the the of Cyber Talent.


In the municipality if The Hague we try to stimulate cyber talent as much as possible by making it an important aspect of events during the Cyber Security Week. For example, during Hâck The Hague we saw how talented hackers tried to hack the systems of the municipality.


In addition, a talent HUB was organized at the ONE Conference and talent was a important topic during Women in Cyber. Besides those two events, the World Class program also organized an interesting lecture by Erik de Jong for interested students. So there were many opportunities for talent and anyone interested in the topic!


In the future, many more events for cyber talent will be organized! There will be different cyber security schools and collaborations with educations istitutions. If you want to know more about being talent in The Hague, check out Behague!

2023-10-23 09:17:14 2023-12-08 07:33:25 2023-10-18 ONE-Conference-Day-2-20231003-HPM-Tatiana-136.jpg 1