The first week of October will be all about cybersecurity in The Hague. In the international city of peace and justice, everyday we work together to make the world a more secure place. As a global hub for cybersecurity, we acknowledge the threats and opportunities of our digitising world and are committed to keep us safe from cybercriminals. That is why we stimulate sharing knowledge, invest in cyber awareness and why we host many organisations that work on cybersecurity solutions. During the Cybersecurity Week everything comes together. The many events provide opportunities to network, meet key players, discuss the latest developments, share knowledge and create awareness. Let's collaborate and secure the digital future!  

The programme for 2024 is currently under construction. As soon as events are confirmed they will be listed below. As in previous editions, you can expect a variety of events in the field of cybersecurity. 

Women in Cyber

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Do you want to connect with other women in cyber? If so, check out our Women in Cyber event in The Hague!


On Thursday the 5th of Ocotber 2023, the municipality of The Hague is organizing an event to network for women in cyber or women who are interested in working in this field.


Research shows more women provide a broader perspective, better business performance and an stronger national economy. That is why we are organising this event.


During the event, it is possible to get in touch with other women in cyber in an informal way. You can share experiences, meet new talent and just enjoy the evening with a drink and a 'bitterbal'.


Unlike many other networking events, 'new talent' in cyber will also be invited! These are young women with a cyber-related study or simply with an interest in cyber. During a group speeddate, you are all given the opportunity to ask each other questions in an informal way and the new talent is able to get a realistic view on women in cyber.


So do you want to:

- Get to know other women in the cyber field in an informal way?

- Share experiences and ideas?

- Make sure other women get enthusiastic about a career in cyber?

- Want to know more about working in cyber (security)?


Then we look forward to seeing you at Cafe van Beek in The Hague!



If you are getting excited to attend the event, you can register via this link:


Location & Time

5 October - 17:00-19:00

Café van Beek - Den Haag



If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact us at


NOTE: This event open to anyone who is interested in the subject.

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